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Need Help?

Hire a company able to understand your problem and offer a software solution that will match your business.


We analyze

We analyze your needs and we help you to obtain a complete vision of your requirements in order to make the right decision.

We design

Based on our analysis, we designed several solution alternatives in a generic way and choose the one that best suits your problem and your budget. Once the solution was chosen, we entered the more detailed design of the application.

We develop

We implement the design by translating into code each detail previously defined. We coordinate periodic meetings to show you the stages through which your application is passing and correct errors in time, adding or removing features that were not defined at the beginning.

We test it

Throughout the development process, we carry out tests of the application at different levels, to ensure that everything will work as expected in the end, avoiding dreadful surprises.

We implant

At this point, it is time to put the application to work. We deliver your application running, with a complete documentation and we train your staff so that your whole team can finally say goodbye to their repetitive and cumbersome tasks. Your application will do it for you.

We support

But it does not end there, we will not leave without more. We know that nothing is perfect and for your peace of mind, we will be here a little longer to make sure everything is still working properly and we will correct any mishap that could arise without delay (and, of course, without more costs).

Welcome to our website

Roney Sistemas y Servicios is born with the vision of offering its customers technological tools that allow them to automate the tasks of each day.

We are a team of professionals with solid technical knowledge, passionate about technology and very enthusiastic about new projects.

Our knowledge covers the development of web, desktop and mobile software, tailored to the customer's needs.

About Us

Office software

Development of software to solve daily tasks of the user. We use general purpose pioneer languages: Java, VisualBasic and C #, as well as web environment: PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3

Mobile software

Independent software or that complements the web and / or desktop version with the use of mobile devices that dominate the market: IOS and Android


It depends on your need

In the market there are countless pre-manufactured software packages that solve generic problems.
These software packages can fit perfectly with your problem and solve it with great precision. What he has paid for it has been a good investment.
Or maybe not. The software you purchased only solves a part of the problem and you have to look for another package to complement it.
Or, as in most cases, the software you purchased completely solves your problem, but it also incorporates so many additional tools that you do not need, but nevertheless you will have paid for them all.

Customized Software

Each problem is unique. The solution may seem like many others, but not. It is in the particular cases of the problem that make it unique.
Each company is unique. From the way of working of the employees going through the varied profiles. The customized software adapts perfectly to your needs.
Custom software is ready to grow if your business grows, as well as to solve other related needs for which it was created.
Fair payment
With custom software, you pay for what you get. No more no less.




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